Monday, 09 June 2014 00:00

Vinnitsa planetarium is closed for repairs until late summer

Vinnitsa planetarium, which is located in Central Park will soon host its visitors in much better conditions. For the first time in its history here is repaired. Finish with him for several months, and will continue to be updated in the equipment to fill most of the planetarium.

planetaryyaFor pivstorichnu history planetarium, repair is not actually performed once. Over the past few years, part of the building was leased and used for other purposes. A firm that rented the lobby of the planetarium, started redevelopment, which is the technical condition of the room began to deteriorate. To maintain an educational institution, which boasts not every city early last year it was decided to terminate the lease and started major maintenance planetarium.
Today has replaced all communications arranged bathrooms, roof overhaul and had built a boiler room with wood-fired boilers. The basement room was prepared, which will be held sessions with students. Still need to finish repairing the lobby, repaired and painted facade and dome repairs stellar space and update the database. And at the building plans to make improvements to the landscape design.
Although renovations are still ongoing, planetarium continues to receive visitors. Recently, it was purchased for a new computer, projector and laser machine. This makes it possible to show, for example, proximity to a celestial body, flying fireballs, falling stars and many other interesting celestial phenomena and effects.
"The planetarium is an important historical object of our park. After completion of repairs I need to improve and add items using modern technological solutions - says Mayor Vladimir Groisman. - That is what the administration of the park. I appreciate the fact that they focus on issues that are important. Every year in Central Park more given order, but I'd like us to its full vidrekonstruyuvaly - replace cover tracks dobavyly elements of improvement, new attractions, and it does not necessarily have to be rides - can be interesting places or routes. It is necessary to modernize and upgrade, however, and keep his identity ".

Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky located in Vinnitsya city - between the streets of the Cathedral (center), May Day and Khmelnytsky highway.

The park is 40 hectares.

In the park there are numerous monuments (Gorky at the main entrance ,soldiers in Afghanistan ,Sich Riflemen, killed police officers), and "Walk illustrious countrymen" are objects of leisure and recreation: a concert hall "Rainbow", a summer theater, stadium, ice club, city planetarium, numerous attractions and gaming machines.

For more than 70 years history of the park has always been a place of celebration as the general public and local/municipal events and holidays. Fine tradition was held in the park folk festivals and holidays is particularly on City Day, Victory Day, Independence Day and more.