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Planetarium is ready to receive visitors

Planetarium is ready to receive visitors

Since November 20, after the overhaul of the facade, roof replacement projection optics, the old Soviet lenses, laser projectors installation, a planetarium, which is already half a century introduces kids to the basics of astronomy vinnichan again begin to take visitors.

Almost 50 years ago in the central city park was built planetarium, but during the existence of repair it is not done. For five years, from 2007 to 2012, the planetarium was part of the premises leased and used as a warehouse. Repair tenants also not done, the technical condition of buildings deteriorated, and the planetarium fell into decay. To keep the facility in January 2012 was terminated lease. Then MCP "Vinnytsyazelenbud" began repairs.

"It is good that the planetarium remained communal property, as was once the discussion - like here and make a cafe or restaurant, but then the City Council decided that the planetarium to repair, - said Acting Mayor Sergei Morhunov. - The result was made good repair, updated equipment, and old repaired, which, incidentally, is unique in Ukraine. I think now that this institution will highlight the winery, not only for students but also for tourists and vinnichan and conventional."planet2

Before the renovations of the rooms were taken 6 trucks of garbage. Then did repair the lobby, bathrooms, a roof over the lobby. Also equipped heating shop and installed boiler for solid fuels, which allows you to save money on heating building.

In the very same "star" hall reconstructed the German opto-mechanical projectors "Small Zeiss." It was replaced by a light source bulb on metal halide lamps, which made it possible to increase the brightness of the stars and planets 15 times. It was replaced by projection optics projectors panorama, made new slides by enabling qualitatively improved projection panoramas "Month", "winery", "tropical", "North Pole." Replaced as projectors panoramas old Soviet lenses 50s to today. Own forces were produced overhead projector, allowing us to create a circular panorama. Designed and manufactured electronic devices that allow you to automatically, on command from the remote speaker, synchronized projection of the eight projectors.

planet3Six months ago, began overhaul of the building. During this time, made a complete renovation of the facade, roof insulation on the installation of drainage trays. Repaired rooms Planetarium and the "star" rooms. Also in the room and lobby additionally installed laser projectors and televisions.

In the basement, which was previously not used due to frequent flooding, made repairs and set up a training room. Now it is held five free astronomy clubs for different age groups.

Soon the lobby surveillance cameras earn points and Wi-Fi. Also, change and sign the planetarium, now made the inscription of the letters, which will place over the entrance.planet4

According to the planetarium lecturer and head of Hope Pochapskoyi clubs, planetarium will be open daily from 10 to 18 hours, but if the order will be for another hour, then, of course, visitors will not be denied: "We're under orders, but on the weekend planning to conduct lectures for walking in the park people. We have a lot of programs - around 50, since for all ages, each of the programs served differently. This "Name Day for Children", and "Magic Star - Magic of Love" for lovers (people beforehand bring photos electronically, so the program was just about the "star" that has already chosen the guy and the session is dedicated to her), and school or student programs. "Tickets for adults will be 25 USD. Children's ticket - 20 UAH. Order a group conversation by phone. 69-21-98, minimum group - 10 people.

Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky located in Vinnitsya city - between the streets of the Cathedral (center), May Day and Khmelnytsky highway.

The park is 40 hectares.

In the park there are numerous monuments (Gorky at the main entrance ,soldiers in Afghanistan ,Sich Riflemen, killed police officers), and "Walk illustrious countrymen" are objects of leisure and recreation: a concert hall "Rainbow", a summer theater, stadium, ice club, city planetarium, numerous attractions and gaming machines.

For more than 70 years history of the park has always been a place of celebration as the general public and local/municipal events and holidays. Fine tradition was held in the park folk festivals and holidays is particularly on City Day, Victory Day, Independence Day and more.