Central Park Stadium , this is a great achievement for the athletes of the city. The stadium has been restored and renovated to modern standards. Work has begun on the reconstruction of the stadium in 2002. The project has developed the institution of "Zhytomyrkomunnyyproekt". Work was carried out up to 2004 inclusive. In 2005, for the European Championship hockey in Vinnitsa necessitated the construction of administrative building of the reconstruction of the stands. Urgent request for City Council Institute of SE MO Ukraine "VPI" was developed project estimates and work began on the reconstruction of administrative building and 2 sectors 14 spectator stands. For the European Championships (September 2005). Mainly work was completed.

In May 2006, the object (1 part , namely, artificial watering of the playing field , running track, athletic sectors, administrative building with the reconstruction of 2 sectors stands) a state selection committee was accepted into service. And in June, was transferred to the balance MDYUSSH - 1. After commissioning of the 1-regular work on the reconstruction of the stands and utilities were extended .

From 2006 to 2008, was equipped storm sewers, lighting, fencing installed just the sports complex and completed the installation of the stands.

As a result - the citizens of our city have a good stadium for sports.

Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky located in Vinnitsya city - between the streets of the Cathedral (center), May Day and Khmelnytsky highway.

The park is 40 hectares.

In the park there are numerous monuments (Gorky at the main entrance ,soldiers in Afghanistan ,Sich Riflemen, killed police officers), and "Walk illustrious countrymen" are objects of leisure and recreation: a concert hall "Rainbow", a summer theater, stadium, ice club, city planetarium, numerous attractions and gaming machines.

For more than 70 years history of the park has always been a place of celebration as the general public and local/municipal events and holidays. Fine tradition was held in the park folk festivals and holidays is particularly on City Day, Victory Day, Independence Day and more.